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Resources for Finding
Holistic, Functional & Integrative Practitioners

If your doctor is prescribing Cymbalta and other toxic psychotropics, you may be better served by finding a doctor that will try to help you find the cause of your condition rather than masking it. Also, it will greatly improve your life if you find a physician and/or clinician that can help you SAFELY taper off these meds.

This is nothing to take lightly.

Never cold turkey or rapid taper if it is at all possible.  We all need to take responsibility for checking and and double checking any health care provider before placing your trust in their hands. It is our body and our life. Don't be afraid to fire a doctor (If you can!) if they are not providing you with good information and advice.

Here is what one of our members said

"The doctor of integrative medicine that I'm working with now is the first functional doctor I've worked with. I feel blessed to have found him because I really don't think I would have known what to look for either. I felt he really listened to me and didn't discount my exerpiences or what I felt I knew about my "conditions". At the same time, he gently educated me about root causes and how to naturally treat them.

He didn't push a certain product at me, and all of the recommendations he made were things I could do on my own. I would have been very skeptical if he had a product line he was selling. Some of the unconventional tests he recommended gave me pause. One was way off the radar, but proved to be extremely beneficial for pin pointing some root causes, and the other was actually recognized by insurance companies.

Research everything thoroughly, but try to follow the recommendations as closely as you can. When my doc said to cut out refined foods... I cut them out totally. If he said to juice daily… I juiced daily! Consistence and persistence give the best results, and half-measures will only get so-so results. I wanted to feel better, so I threw my whole heart into adhering to his recommendations, and I feel so much better for it".

Member referrals:

  • Susan J Evans at Crossroads Counseling Center in Lexington SC. She's an APRN, PMHCNS-BC with 30 years experience but only sees children and adolescents now. ( She is said to understand Cymbalta withdrawal. Even if she doesn't treat adults she may know someone she can refer to.
  • Kimberly Allman, Andover, Kansas - http://fpkansas.org/
  • Alex Zaphiris in the San Francisco area. She has worked with one of our members https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-Zaphiris-MD/131254800611661?fref=ts
  • Dr. Jeffrey Comanor, Marietta, Georgia US - http://www.ganaturalpaincare.com
  • Member - "I just saw my psychiatrist & if anybody in the Athens/Atlanta/Northeast Georgia area is looking for a competent & sympathetic med doc, I highly recommend Dr Stephen Brogdon. He recognizes Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome & continues to encourage me to take my time tapering, to listen to my body, & to seek out holistic/natural remedies for withdrawal & mental/emotional issues. He also gives me a discounted fee since I don't have insurance!"
  • Member recommends - He helped her with tapering. Dr. Mark A. Bonner - 2630 E Citizens Drive, Suite 13, Fayetteville, AR 72703 (479) 571-6000. https://www.facebook.com/missionfp
  • Fast Pace Urgent Care - Fairview, TN. Dr. Patton Graham. http://www.fastpaceurgentcare.com/locations/fairview/
  • Australia - recommended chiropractor. Located in pennant hills in Sydney. Beecroft chiropractic is the business name and number is 9484 6822 Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/beecroftchiropractic. Website: http://www.beecroftchiropractic.com.au/

Taper-Friendly Physicians

These physicians are leaders in the withdrawal community, seeking answers on how to best support us as we taper off psychiatric drugs. If they aren't taking new patients, they may be available for a one-time consultation.

  • Germany:
    Volkmar Aderhold, MD, Psychiatry University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf Hamburg, Germany v.aderhold@gmx.de
  • Israel:
    Pesach Lichtenberg, M.D., Psychiatry Herzog Hospital Givat Shaul Street Jerusalem 9103702 Israel 972-2-5316875
  • Netherlands:
    Jim van Os, M.D. Psychiatry Utrecht, Netherlands (Also a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK) vanosj@gmail.com
  • Norway:
    Magnus Hald, MD, Psychiatry University Hospital of North Norway magnus.p.hald@unn.no
  • United Kingdom:
    David Healy, MD, Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology Wales, UK
    Jim van Os, M.D. Psychiatry Utrecht, Netherlands (Also a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK) vanosj@gmail.com Taper-Friendly Physicians
    Sami Timimi, M.D. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Lincoln, UK sami.timimi@lpft.nhs.uk
    Alastair Yarrow, Homeopath Arklow Natural Healing Centre, 8 St. Mary's Terrace Wicklow, Ireland 00 353 402 33933
  • United States:
    Peter R. Breggin, MD, Psychiatry 101 East State Street, #112 Ithaca, New York 14850 607-272-5328
    Swapnil Gupta, M.D., M.B.B.S., Psychiatry Connecticut Mental Health Center 34 Park Street New Haven, CT 06519 203-974-7300
    Alice W. Lee, MD. ABIHM, ABoIM, Holistic Psychiatrist 112 Canfield Hill Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20878 301-802-4474
    Stuart Shipko, M.D. Psychiatry and Neurology 97 W. Bellevue Drive Pasadena, CA 91105 626 577 8290
    Sandra Steingard, MD, Psychiatry Howard Center, 300 Flynn Avenue Burlington, VT 05401 802-488-6200

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