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Policies and rules

Cymbalta Hurts Worse is a support group for members who are planning to come off Cymbalta / Duloxetine, are already following the group’s recommendations or have already completed their taper.

If you don't like that group, try Cymbalta Duloxetine Survivors Support Group, which you can find on Facebook.

Since Healing America Now came online in 2020, it has been little more than somewhere to keep the group files for easy access. It is becoming outdated and is difficult to edit. We are busy building a new site.

Healing America Now contains all the resources inherited from CHW. The hosting is independently managed by a former moderator who is not a member of CHW. If you have any concerns, please contact the CHW Facebook group.

We are working hard to make access easier for you. We want you to browse the resources and make decisions for yourself more easily.

If you have gone cold turkey, followed advice to drop too quickly or every other day, are in withdrawal, you need a safe place. Somewhere you know you are not alone, where your distress is recognised, understood and validated.

Many find a Facebook group too confusing to handle. Comments come from all sides. Some are deleted; whole threads disappear. With so many members and such strict rules from Facebook, that is inevitable.

You will find many documents on this website to support you along whatever Cymbalta-related road you are traveling.

If you are not already a member of CHW, please do join, then make a new post if you need more information. If you feel uncomfortable joining even a private group, or have misbehaved and been excluded from CHW, we are sorry. However, the resources here on Healing America Now are still available for you to use.


CHW Testing

All Pharma drugs affect all organs and some can mask underlying root health problems. Mental health, autoimmunity and chronic pain symptoms may be caused by toxicities, sensitivities, deficiencies, infections, imbalances (hormone, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal), physical or emotional trauma, genetic factors, system overloads (mycotoxins), poor coping skills or leaky gut/poor gut health.

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CHW Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Fighting Diet

The meaning of optimum in OPTIMUM DIET is the diet which best supports recovery from illness and maintenance of health. This support also includes optimum energy, athletic performance, mental power and endurance, preventing degenerative disease and staying young.

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CHW Greeting

I don’t want anyone to feel they haven’t been seen and heard, so we try to be as lenient with discussion as possible while at the same time protecting members from dangerous tapering advice.

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CHW Bipolar Alternatives to Drugs

Bipolar is purely subjective. Many times the bipolar diagnoses is really side effects from prescription or street drugs and alcohol, and/or problems with blood sugar regulation and nutrient absorption. Not saying that people aren’t truly suffering but the way to heal is not with powerful, toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

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CHW Managing Withdrawal Symptoms

Natural and over-the-counter methods for managing many different withdrawal symptoms.

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CHW Tapering Off Multiple Drugs

There are three schools of thought on tapering multiple drugs: 1) Taper one drug at a time in order to connect decreases to withdrawal symptoms.2) Taper all at once – very slowly 3) The stair-step method, where one drug is slow tapered for awhile, and then tapering that drug is stopped before tapering the next drug begins.

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Please take the time to report your adverse symptoms from Cymbalta and Cymbalta withdrawal to the FDA. Call 1-800-332-1088 FDA

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