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Healing America Now contains most of the resources inherited from CHW. The site is independently managed by a former moderator. If you have any concerns, please contact the CHW Facebook moderators.

If you have gone cold turkey, followed advice to drop too quickly or every other day, are in withdrawal, this is your safe place. Somewhere you know you are not alone, where your distress is recognised, understood and validated.

Here, you will find many documents to support you along whatever Cymbalta / duloxetine-related road you are traveling.

Many find a Facebook group too confusing to handle. Comments come from all sides. Some are deleted; whole threads disappear. With so many members and such strict rules from Facebook, that is inevitable.

So, if you feel uncomfortable joining even a private group, or have misbehaved and been excluded from a group, the resources here on Healing America Now are still available for you - and everyone - to use.

We can recommend two support groups, which you can find on Facebook. Both have very clear and similar protocols for coming off this drug. Both groups are for people who are planning to come off Cymbalta / duloxetine, are following the group’s recommendations or have completed their taper.

You can look at Cymbalta Hurts Worse , or, if you don't like that group, try Cymbalta Duloxetine Survivors Support Group.

There are other groups which you may find helpful, but please beware! Some offer dangerous suggestions. We ask you to be cautious, research thoroughly for yourself and make your own decisions.

Healing America Now has always been somewhere to keep the CHW group files for easy access. It is becoming outdated and is difficult to edit. We are busy building a new site. (November 2022)

We are working hard to make access easier for you. We want you to browse the resources and make decisions for yourself more easily.



CHW Fighting Insomnia

Fighting insomnia with a better sleep environment and routine
Two powerful weapons in the fight against insomnia are a quiet, comfortable bedroom and a relaxing bedtime routine. Both can make a big difference in improving the quality of your sleep.

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CHW For Friends and Family

What you might see if your friend or family member is having an adverse reaction or withdrawal when abruptly or rapidly stopping an SSRI/SNRI antidepressant or other psychotropic drug.

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CHW Reinstatement Guidelines

There is only a 2 (possibly 3) week reinstatement window where it is (somewhat) safe to go back onto the drug to try to reverse the withdrawal, but only if other drugs have not been added and the person did not alternate days more than 2 (possibly 3) weeks. After that window passes, the person is left to deal with whatever comes their way. There is no known “cure” for protracted withdrawal once it settles in. It just takes time to resolve on its own.

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CHW Thinking of Starting an Antidepressant?

Informed consent and questions for your doctor. For example: When doctors say this… ask this.

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CHW Serotonin Syndrome

In Cymbalta Hurts Worse, we spend an inordinate amount of time stressing the importance of a slow, slow taper to avoid Discontinuation Syndrome, but it is important to also mention Serotonin Syndrome. Sometimes people have such an immediate bad reaction to Cymbalta or other drugs their lives are in danger the drug must be stopped immediately.

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CHW Managing Withdrawal Symptoms

Natural and over-the-counter methods for managing many different withdrawal symptoms.

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Please take the time to report your adverse symptoms from Cymbalta and Cymbalta withdrawal to the FDA. Call 1-800-332-1088 FDA

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