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Tapering Spreadsheets

These are the excel document downloads
for figuring out and keeping track of your taper.


[original mg dose #] x [current weight or bead #] ÷ [original weight or bead #]

Example: I started with a 30mg capsule with an average of 178 beads. I'm now on 22 beads.
So: [30] x [22] ÷ [178] = 3.7mg

We are excited to introduce our online bead calculator!

You will not need to download or use excel and we are hoping this will be more convenient and easier for everyone. Find it here

CHW Tapering Spreadsheets

Downloads and online calculator to help you figure out your tapering. Before you use these resources, you need to understand what you are doing, so you should read CHW Tapering Guide first.

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