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Calculator for Bead Counting

This calculator will work out your taper dates according to CHW guidelines.
Be ready to change the details if you have to reduce your taper rate, hold longer, or change brands.


  • Playing around with the figures to try and finish sooner is dangerous!
  • Listen to what your body tells you.
  • Stay slow and steady; steady and slow. Consistent and conscious of what you’re doing.

We would like to thank SlashsplatRso at Duloxetine.com for creating the original spreadsheet and its formula. Please visit that website if you would prefer to weigh your doses Here

  1. Key in bead counts from 3 different capsules for Average

Average Result

  2. Average count, or your current count if already tapering

# of beads in a Cymbalta capsule

3. Desired Taper Rate - 5% or less

Desired taper reduction rate, %

4. Days between tapers – 14 days or longer

Days between tapers
End date

5. Starting Date

New Count
% Now