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Healing America Now is here to help you
find ways to survive all kinds of health problems.

Healing America Now was born out of a tragic personal loss.

From that loss came a Facebook group that now numbers over 30,000 members. Many valuable lessons have been learned in that group. Here, we are sharing those ideas and that experience, along with information and support about other aspects of natural healthcare.

YOUR Research is key.

We want YOU to be in control, YOU to be the expert on your own body. Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed with no mention of all the risks and very real side effects.  Some can be permanent. Alternative remedies and changing our lifestyles can help us manage our health better.

This site enables you to do your own research.

We want to empower you to take back control of your own health and your own destiny.  It is all too easy to rely on medical practitioners who have qualifications but little or no personal experience of the pain and damage many drugs cause.

We want you to work in partnership with your doctor.


Finding your way around


  • Tapering Guide
    A comprehensive explanation of getting started with your taper
  • The Scale Method
    Weighing Cymbalta beads for tapering
  • Tapering Spreadsheets
    Downloadable Excel sheets and math help
  • Dangers of Not Tapering Slowly
    Why you want to avoid cold turkey, or tapering too fast/incorrectly and bridging to new drugs
  • Tapering Off Multiple Drugs
    Three schools of thought on tapering multiple drugs
  • Posting & Journaling Your Taper
    When you make a post on our FB group, help us to support you. We need the full picture. Please save us all time and give as much information as you can. To do that, you need to have the details at your fingertips. That's why this file combines posting and journaling.


Lifestyle Changes


  • Self-Advocating With Your Doctor
    How to have conversations with your doctor that benefit you
  • Lost Your Insurance
    If you have found yourself without insurance and can't afford Cymbalta we have links that may help.
  • Crisis and Safety Planning
    The difficult subject of suicide and things you can do to be safe
  • For Friends and Family
    Help for those with a loved one experiencing psych drug withdrawals
  • Other Support Organizations
    A list of related organizations and their links to assist your research
  • Finding Holistic, Functional & Integrative Practitioners
    If your doctor is prescribing Cymbalta and other toxic psychotropics, you may be better served by finding a doctor that will try to help you find the cause of your condition rather than masking it
  • Testing
    All Pharma drugs affect all organs and some can mask underlying root health problems. Mental health, autoimmunity and chronic pain symptoms may be caused by toxicities, sensitivities, deficiencies, infections, imbalances (hormone, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal), physical or emotional trauma, genetic factors, system overloads (mycotoxins), poor coping skills or leaky gut/poor gut health.

Side Effects & Other Issues

  • Cymbalta and Pregnancy
    Things to consider if you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant
  • Serotonin Syndrome
    Sometimes people have such an immediate bad reaction to Cymbalta or other drugs their lives are in danger; the drug must be stopped immediately.
  • Thyroid Issues
    The relationship of Cymbalta to the thyroid
  • Waves & Windows
    Side effects that seem to come in waves and windows and how to recognize the condition
  • Akathisia
    First-hand descriptions, diagnosis, treatment options and reference links
  • Bipolar: Underlying Root Causes and Alternatives to Drugs
    Bipolar is purely subjective. Many times the bipolar diagnosis is really side effects from prescription or street drugs and alcohol, and/or problems with blood sugar regulation and nutrient absorption.
  • Fighting Insomnia
    Fighting insomnia with a better sleep environment and routine